Coaching Football Basics

Coaching Football Basics

Coaching a football team can be rewarding and it can be frustrating at the same time. You have probably realized that by now that coaching a team is not as easy as you might have thought before you started coaching. But you can get the help you need from experienced coaches who have been in the field of coaching for a very long time and they might have faced the same hurtles and obstacles in coaching that any other coach would.

We are aware of the fact that there are overwhelming information on coaching football successfully and there’s quite a bit to know when it comes to coaching a football team. Our objective is to help you to understand and break down specifics points to be a successful coach. And also expose you to other ideas so that you can be on the path of success.

Basic Fundamentals of Coaching Football

1) Understand the Game – It’s important that your team has a good understating of basic rules and plan of action of the game of football. And it begins at the top- YOU!
Things you can implement to improve your coaching – various books on coaching football, attending local football seminars and clinics, making contact with other coaches. It’s important that you seek information form a reliable a creditable source…

2) Character – many times we overlook the importance of an athlete’s character. Players must demonstrate high moral codes on the field and off the field. You must instill in them true role model values as its important for them to follow a true role model…

Key points to remember….
Being consistent is the key
Translate your words into actions…
Staying composure in all circumstances…
Have a good control of your emotions….
That doesn’t mean you have to jeopardize any of your fire or intensity. It only means handling all the situations that may come up in a practice or in a game without losing your composure that may shock your players or staff members.
And do not shy or be embarrassed by admitting to your mistakes of faults, you would only become a better and stronger coach and even a better person. Your team will gain much more respect for you if you recognize and admit to your mistakes rather than putting yourself above the standards you expect of them. Mistakes are inevitable but how mistakes are handle is a choice…

3) Communication – how well you communicate with your players and staff members may be the single key point that requires a lot of effort at a continues pace..

4) Make it Fun – making an effort to make practice fun without losing discipline can keep players focused and motivated. Dry and tasteless practices will turn off some players and it can ruin the moral of a team. There is fine line between seriousness and humor. Being able to enjoy the process is vital to a team’s success.
Allow some room for humor when mistakes are made. Players like to laugh and get loose once in awhile, don’t misinterpret this as a disrespectful. After all it’s a game of Football….

5) Be Positive – nothing will destroy your player’s hopes and morals than a negative attitude. A positive attitude is necessary to your success as a coach…
Yes, you may run into problems and no doubt your players will make mistakes at the worst time you can imagine. And don’t expect yourself to be flawless. What is important that you keep things in positive mode and continue on with your work. The couple of components that you have control over is your actions and your attitude. And the rest is out of your jurisdiction and you have no control over it, so it’s important that you don’t get bog down by negative stuff. You try your best to make this coaching football experience a positive one and your players leave with a true contentment.

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